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Francis is the head electrician and CEO of Solar PV Donegal. He has over 13 years experience and has gained a wide range of knowledge and expertise in his field over the years.


He started his Electrical Apprenticeship in 2009, where he worked for four years with the ESB (Electricity Supply Board); from 2013 – 2019 he was undertaking domestic and commercial electrical work as a registered electrical contractor.


From 2019 – Present day Francis has been working on renewables, heating upgrades, heat pumps, geothermal tubes and then PV energy.


He decided to stick with PV as he believes you can see the benefit of using this type of energy more so than any others. Customers are able to see the feedback of using this energy, showcasing the money being saved in real time.

Meet the Team

At Solar PV Donegal we have a team of dedicated, hard working employees that want to help you generate your own energy, minimise your dependence on your current energy providers and save you money in the process.

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